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Today is World Teacher’s Day, a day to regard teachers of the world for guiding and educating students with commitment.  Let’s present huge respect to the epitome of sacrifice and strength.

Happy Rath Yatra

Happy Rath Yatra! On this auspicious occasion, let’s pray for the destruction of evil and the arrival of peace around us.  Wishing for your joy and happiness.

Global Forgiveness Day

Forgiveness is one of the hardest decisions to make. One who forgives is wiser than one who doesn’t. Happy Global Forgiveness Day!

Happy National Workaholics Day

Indulge yourself in a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Maintain a bridge between your personal and professional life and see the changes in work productivity. Happy National Workaholic Day!

International Yoga Day

Happy International Yoga Day! Practice yoga every day and strengthen your immunity to fight the pandemic. Let the good vibes spread in you with meditation and other yoga practices.

World Blood Donor Day

When you feel, you are capable of nothing; always remember you are capable of giving people a second chance to live!! Donate blood, it would cost you nothing. Your contribution can help someone fighting over life and death. Happy Blood Donor Day!


Children are the upcoming future of the world and they are not meant for  working in industrial or agricultural sectors. They deserve education and sweet cherishing life. Let’s set them free and educate them to follow their dreams.

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