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International Yoga Day

Happy International Yoga Day! Practice yoga every day and strengthen your immunity to fight the pandemic. Let the good vibes spread in you with meditation and other yoga practices.

World Father’s Day

HappyWorld Father’s Day! Every father is the hero for his kid. Your hero is your world, so present your gratitude, love, and respect to him for making you experience the good and saving you from hurdles.

World Blood Donor Day

When you feel, you are capable of nothing; always remember you are capable of giving people a second chance to live!! Donate blood, it would cost you nothing. Your contribution can help someone fighting over life and death. Happy Blood Donor Day!


Children are the upcoming future of the world and they are not meant for  working in industrial or agricultural sectors. They deserve education and sweet cherishing life. Let’s set them free and educate them to follow their dreams.

Happy World Food Safety Day

Happy World Food Safety Day! ! Eat Right, your food is your responsibility. Avoid negligence over your diet and fitness. Improve your intake of safe and non-contaminated foods as nothing comes before health.

World Milk Day

On this World Milk Day, let’s break the barrier of the myth that consumption of milk leads to fat gain. Rather, it’s a  complete food and plays an active role in preventing weight gain. Have healthy milk each day and keep yourself fit and strong.

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